March 8, 2009

Bus Shenanigans

Yeaup =P Bus Shenanigans Alright
The Guy Who Is Showing His Middle Finger .. 
Victor.. Yea .. Not His Fault
I Did Ask Him To 'Pose' =P

So Don't Get Him Wrong , He Is Actually A  Nice Guy xD
Random Yet Nice xD


Hehe.. The Picture Below, Also Pretty Random
I Noticed 3 Of Them Sleeping In The Same Position
And The Guy At The Back In Yellow Looking Back At The Camera..
That's Yin Hao xD

Bahahaha.. It Is Kinda Bad To Have A Photographer In The Bus
The Freedom Is Constricted =P

Sorry Though>.<
Gah.. Using The Bus Everyday Can Be Really Tiring

Although Classes Ends At 3 ..The Bus Only Comes At 4
And We Would Reach Home Roughly Only Around 5++

By The Time I Get Back Home
I  Can't Even Sit Up Straight For Even 5 Minutes To Watch The T.V.

Pretty Tiring
But Well.. At Least , There's A Chance To Make New Friends? * By Using The Bus * =D ?
Blah =P 

Well , That's All For Now??

Shenn o.o

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