February 28, 2009

The Darkness Has Won

I Just Received My Driving License =)
Ok La.. Drove To Taylors SJ Campus With My Dad
Just For Fun

Then Went To Vivi's House To Collect ' Shutter' 
Awesome Movie =)

For Ppl Who Love Taking Pictures
Yes.. It Is The Movie For You xD =P

Hehe.. Anyway.. Chemistry..
Gah.. Last Minute Work =P

It's So Hard To Find Information On Biodiesel
Besides Using The Internet La..
So Far.. I Only Got 2 Sources

Damn =(

Gah. .& Oh Yea.. Just Last Week
I Was Really Psyched Cause I Had My Camera Again
But , 5 Minutes After Stepping Out Of The House..
It Started Raining Again And I Had To Go Back Home After That =(

So Potong Wei

Well.. Hopefully I'll Have The Mood To Go Around TTDI To Take Pics Later
I'm So Dang Tired =.= =(

It's Going To Be A Long Week 
But Hopefully A Great 1 =)

Going To Jason Mraz's Concert With Paul On Wednesday
Then Hopefully To SAM Fiesta On Thursday
And On Friday.. Hang Out With Tim , Tej And The Rest

Awesome =)

Well ,  That's All For Now

Shenn =)

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