March 13, 2009

An Interesting Bore

OMG , Streamyx Is Killing Me ..
For the Past Two Days , I Can't Seem To Use The Damn Internet ..
Now , I Am In The Olden Days Coffee Shop In Taman Tun Using Their Wi-Fi..

Geebers Man.. =.= 
I'm Also Doing My Chem Detailed Outline Now =(
Saddening =.=

Really Really Saddening..
And There Is A Freaking Fly Flying Around My Food Trying To Freaking Parasite =.=
Free Food For The Fly? NO WAY o.o O.o O.O o.O

LoL.. =.= I LoL-ed Yet I'm Still Disappointed
Hah .. Wth o.o?
Mumble Mumble..
Random Random
Buhuu .. Booo

So Disappointing=.=
And And..  I Only Got 7A's =(
Gah.. Was Expecting 8 At Least =(

I Want To Recheck My EST And My Moral Paper
Just For The Fun Of It La =.=

For Self Satisfaction? mMml.. Yehehes.. Self Satisfaction=P
Sounds Wrong But Yes..
For My Self Satisfaction xP

Anyway.. These Are Pictures Of The Committee Members
I Didn't Really Take Much La.. 
Ee Yin Was The Photographer In Charge Actually
I Was Just The Assistant For The Event

I Had Fun Anyway.. 
It Was GoOoD..
I'll Post Up More Pictures Soon =P

By Shenn

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