February 13, 2009

Tissue In The Speaker

Geebers Creepers Man
Astro Is Dead Boring And I Think It Is A Serious Waste Of Money At Tmes =.=
We Pay So Much For Such A Lousy Service

Haha =P Just That Day My Dad Scolded One Of The Workers There..
During Thaipusam ,  Our Astro Got Cut Off ..
Because Apparently , We Didn't Pay The Bills

But It Is Impossible 
Because , With My Mum Around
The Bills Are Always Paid On Time

It Happened Like At 11a.m.
So My Dad Was Pissed Off La
Cause  It's A Holiday
And The Astro Got Cut Off At The Start Of The Day

So He Called The Astro Service Centre
And Banged Them On The Spot

At First , The Guy Said It Would Be Done Within 24 Hours
But My Dad Said He Wanted It ASAP..

It Actually Isn't Fair Too Though
Because They Cancel For The Day
And Yet We Still Have To Pay The Same Amount For The Whole Month
AND IT'S A HOLIDAY, Where Ppl Actually Want To Actually Relax 

In The End , It Was All Repaired By 1p.m.

Yet =P I Pity The Worker La
Just A Normal Worker..
Answering Calls & Etc Etc
It Really Spoiled His Day I Guess =P
So Pitiful

Just Imagine Going To Work
And Getting Scolding For Something You Don't Actually Do
What A Stressful Job

 The World Can Be Cruel At Times >.<

oOo.. 528 Baby =P
Wonder What  They Guy Was Thinking Of When He Was Arranging The Letters =.=
So Ironic , In A Line Some More
At Least He Didn't Want To Make It Too Obvious? =P

Well , That's All For Now =P


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