February 9, 2009


Picture Taken With The Camera Of The KS360

Ok.. I Tried Taking Pics With Paul's D70s
But I Can't Seem To Load It Into The Laptop T.T

So Depressing =(
So I'm Currently Using My Handhpone's Camera

Anyway , I Just Started Learning How To Drive =.=
Gah.. Kinda Fun =P But Really Stressful
Especially When Mati Engine =.=
Buhuu =.= I'm Still Not Used To It Yet=.=

I Panic Quite A Lot
And Apparently The Instructor Said I Think Too Much
( What o.o? )

Well , Jafri Will Understand My Problem xD
Since He Is Going To Start This Thursday =P
( Same Instructor )

Good Luck Jaf xD
Just Listen To What He Says La =P
Sure Can 1

Old Pic Of Paul Taken With My Handphone
So Sad =.= No Camera Use Handphone =(

Well .. Hopefully I'll Be Getting Back My Camera By This Week =(
That's All For Now >.<



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