February 19, 2009

Created For Me And You

Are You Feeling Safe? =P

Ok.. No Relation To The Pictures

I Went Out With Jaf And Nic Yesterday
Gah.. Miss Hanging Out With Them =P

Fine.. Nic.. I'll Link Your Blog K .. =P

Hehe . Sry La =P I Was Lazy Okay xD

Well. I Miss Them La =( xD =P
Barely Have Time To Talk To Them Now
Tsk Tsk .. We Must Meet Up Again Soon Alright? xD
Just So That I Can Catch Up On Things xD

Anyway .. We Went To Popeye's In TTDI
It Is A Total Rip Off..

Food Was Ok. But The Portion..
So Disappointing

Something Really Expensive For Something Really Small
Not Even Considered Fine Dining.. Tsk Tsk

We Ordered Two Milos
Fries ( Regular )
Mash Potatoes
And 3 Cakes ( Which Was Really Small )

Total Cost .. 23 Bucks o.o
Holy Smokes =.=

Nvm.. Enough Ranting

Hehe =P He Told Me Not To Say Anything
But I Don't Care =P

Jafri's Blog Is A Must Read Blog
He Writes Really Well =P

He Use To Blog A Few Years Back
But Then He Stopped..

Now He Is Back To Blogging Again =P

And And

This Is Nicole Soh's New Blog Add =P

Haha.. Just Want To Say
She Looks Better With Her New Hair Style xD =X

Well , That Is All For Now La =P
Do Visit Their Blog =P

My Good Friends =)

Hehe.. That's All For Now
*Ps.. I Got A Flu Now =(


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