February 18, 2009

Topple Hat Head

Typical.. They All Act Nice At First , 

Joking =P 

The Guy Above Is Khye Yuh =P
He Came In To Our LAN Class To Promote Himself As He Was Running To Be The President Of The SAM Committee

LoL , He Got It Anyway
Well , We Hope For The Better ? =P

Anyway, These Two Pictures Were Taken With Peh Ge's Camera =P
Seriously.. BOREDOM

College  , So Far Ok Lor
More And More Home Work And Assignments Piling Up

Class? Still Great =P
Laughter Is Seriously The Best Medicine..
It Kills The Boredom And Sadness =.=

Later , Hopefully At 9.30
I'll Be Meeting Up With Jaf , Nic , Naj And Haz

Gah =.= Sorry Jaf.. I Was A Bit Off Mood The Time You SMS o.o
But I'm Not Angry At You La =.=

It's Just The .. Surroundings?
Sorry =.=

Anyway.. That Is Peh Ge =P
As Usual , Like Every Other Photographer
She Covers Her Face =P

And .. And.. My Theory For Now Is
Majority Of Photographers Dislike Ppl Taking Pictures Of Them
True? False? =P
That Is What I Think La =P

Blah =.=


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