February 15, 2009

Purple Lil Moon

LoL =P Took These Pictures With Paul's D70s
Ah Fook Is Naughtier Now =P

Every Morning , When My Dad Or My Mum Tries To Drive The Car Out
He Will Take That Golden Opportunity To Run Out From The House =P

Cheeky Lil Boy =.=
And He Isn't Scared Of The Cane Anymore =P

But He Is Still That Gardenia Bread Lover
He Skips Eating His Own Doggy Food Just Because He Prefers The Bread Better o.o

And He Knows Us Really Well
All He Has To Do Is Just Do That  Pathetic Face 
To Get Whatever He Wants =.=

Hehe .. Spying On Him
Waiting For Your Girlfriend Huh Ah Fook =P ?

Budak Gatal

LoL .. Well That's All For Now =P


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