January 10, 2009

That Chicken Gave Birth To A Fish

Ah Fook Is So Typical La =P
Now , Since He Has The Ticks
My Mom Decided To Lock Him Out For A  Week
But .. He Still Manages To Sneak Into The House

And Every Time He Manages Gets In
He Hides Under The Dining Table
So That It'll Be Hard For Us To Reach For Him
What A Bump =P

Ah Fook , Like Us Also ( My Family )
Loves Bread o.o
He Loves The Gardenia Bread La

And He Can Tell
Whether If It Is Gardenia Or Not
Picky Boy =.=

Usually , When We Give Him A Slice Of Bread
He Will Wait For Us To Give Him Another Slice Before He Starts Eating
And Lets Say You Are Sitting On The Couch
Eating A Bread

He Will Climb Up The Chair ,
Go As Close As Possible
And Try To Take The Bread Away From You

If Not , He Would Just Give That Pathetic Watery Eye Face ,
WHICH  Most Of Us Would Fall For It=.=
And Give In To Him..

( He Even Stole My KFC Chicken From The Dining Table Before =.= ) 
But Well , He Is Like A Living Soft Toy That Me  And My Sister Love Bullying
We Call Him Funny Names And We Always Love To Annoy Him

Maybe It's Because He Can't Answer Us
But Still , He Loves The Attention =P

Ah Fook Wiggling *

Jalan Datuk Sulaiman


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