January 9, 2009

Good Job At The 1 Dollar Shop

So Far So Good =)
College Has Been Ok For The Past Few Days =P
Eventhough It Is Really Tiring
 But Well , There's Nothing I Can Actually Do About It

My Classmates Are Also Awesome By The Way =)
Freaking Nice , Polite And Friendly =P

Our Chemistry Lecturer Came Into  Our Class
And Said That.. Eventhough It Has Only Been 3 Days
It Feels Like We Have Known Each Other For A Month Already xD
( We We're Really Noisy xD  That's Why )

LoL..  Not Only That , My Lecturers Are Also Damn Awesome

Even Through The Lecturers
It Seriously Proves That The Local Education System Is BAD
The Lecturers Are So Good That Sometimes You Just Wish The Class Would Be Longer =X

More Pictures Taken During The Photo Outing With Kirs xD *

The Contrast In Life o.o

Well ,  I Don't Think I'll Be Updating Often Anymore Yet Again =P
I Will La.. But Less 
Back To The Average 10 Or Less Post A Month =P

Haih.. Now I'm Asking Myself
Should I Bring My Compact Camera To College? o.o
It's Risky , But But I Seriously Miss Taking Pics With My C.Camera

So Should I xD?
Hmmm =P

Well, I'll Try To Update Soon La xD
Sry =P

That's All For Now o.o


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