January 23, 2009


Christy Blocking Her Face =P

Pics Taken During Break .. LoL =P
Majority Of The Class Ate At Salmon Stake
Opposite Taylor's Business School =P
The Food Was Not Bad Actually =P

Haha .. Afforable La
Tight Budget Every Month =P

Chris Tea =P

Vino =P
The Guy Who Always Get Bullied In Class

Danial The Smart A** =.=
Freaking Jealous =P
He Is Damn Good In Physics And Bio =.=

Jocelynn And Ing Ching =P
Sry If There Is Any Typo =P

Random Shot =P

Kellyn And Vidhia=P

I Think By Far The Most Coolest Name So Far In Our Class =P
Hikari =P


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