January 4, 2009

Easy Now No Need To Fi Go Down xD

This Is Just Going To Be Another Typical Pre-College Student's Story
Well.. Tommorow Will Be My First Day In College
Freshman Year In Taylors College o.o
Well.. SAM Course Only 1 Year =.=
So Yea xD Wtver La.. Freshman And Last Year There xD

Not Going To Say Much la
I'm Not Too Excited About It Or
Not Too Scared

Neither Happy Nor Sad
I Don't Know

Just Emotionles =.=

Hope For The Best La 
LoL.. I Went Out With Han Liang And Terrence Today
Been Comparing Sri Hartamas Taylors' Campus With The Subang Jaya's Campus
Well.. They Are Going There La
And They're Persuading Me To Go There

Yet.. WHAT CAN I DO? =(
LoL.. I Want To Be With My Friends
But At The Same Time =.=
I Don't Know What To Do 

oOo.. I Will Wait And See..

Just Imagine
Driving A Car
Then Suddenly It Starts Flying =O
Then You Happen To Pass An Aeroplane Filled With Passengers
Then BOOM.. The Tyre Explodes
But It Doesn't Affect Your Flying
Then Suddenly.. There Will Be A Policeman On A Duck
Telling You To Slow Down..

Ok.. That Was Random =.= I'm Quite Bored Right Now Ok

So.. These Are Some Of The Pictures I Took
During The Photo Outing With Kirsten
She's Still Learning La
LoL.. But Got Potential
Just Got To Be Inquisitive Ok?

And I'm Still Going To Take My Time During The Breaks
To Walk Around Taman Tun

Exercising While Taking Pictures?
Feels So Good Wei =)

I Will Try To Update Soon
But I Guess
I Won't Be Coming On Often Anymore


Well.. That's All For Now =P


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