January 28, 2009

Green Mixture Of Red

My Sister In Front Of My Gmom's House =P

My Dad Told Me That People In Taiping Actually Bet Against The Weather =P
They Will Predict How The Weather Will Be Like And What Time It Would Actually Rain xD

How Cool Is ThatWei xD 
Wish He Had Something To Bet Against Here In K.L. 

Hmm.. Maybe Predict Which Road In K.L. Would Be Jam Packed And At What Time ..
Even  Predict Which House Is Going To Get Robbed 
And The Number Of Times It Will Happen In A Certain  Area =.=

Damn Man.. Taman Tun Isn't Safe Anymore >.>
Damn The Lifeless & Worthless People =.=

Recently , There Have Been Many Cases Of Break Ins In Taman Tun And I Barely See Effort To Curb The Stupid Problem


Fine.. Maybe There Are A Few Police Men Who Goes Around Keeping A Look Out La
But It Still Happens.. Break Ins Still Happen o.o
( Not Only Break Ins La , Car Jacks Also Occurs Often )

And Do I Look Like Some Kind Of Thieve To You?
I Should Have Asked The Police Man What Was In His Head When He Stopped Me While I Was Walking Back Home From O.U.  o.o

Well.. At Least There Is Effort
But It Still Happens Man 

Tell Me.. How Many Of You Actually Go Out To Check
When Your Hear One Of A Car's Alarm Go Off

It's Like , While You Are Watching T.V.
And You Hear It
You Would Just Be Like Aiya , Not My BusinessLa , 
Just Let Someone Else Handle It
( I Know Cause I Always Do That xD )

Now I Say, It's A Freaking Bad Habit And We Should Really Change Our Attitude Towards This
Who Knows o.o 
One Day It Might Actually Be Our Own Car Being Car Jacked =O Or Your Own Room Being Raided =P

My Cousin xD aka Rhun Hock

Well , That's All For Now xD


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