January 1, 2009

The New Year

Lol.. Happy New Year Everyone =)
Look Forward For The Best In Life And Let Bygones Be Bygones

* Picture Taken Near My House *

On An Unrelated Subject / Topic With The Picture =P

The New Year's Celebration Was Awesome La=P
We Chilled Out At Bangsar
* Gurtej , Jafri ,  Sanoj , Tanuja , Hannah , Maria  , Baanu , Sue Ann , Priya ,
 Tim  , Benita & The Rest =P *
Sorry xD Forgotten The Name .. Sry xD

First , We Had Dinner At This Place
Somewhere xD
There Was A Hot Chick Sitting Opposite Us xD
Although The Food Was A Bit Over Priced
But That Didn't Really Bother Us (Well.. Maybe Me Only La)
Because The Hot Chick Was Opposite Us =P

After Dinner
The Rest Went For Shisha..
We Played Card Games Which Resulted In Some Of Us Being Embarrassed Really Badly =P
But Who Cares =P

Then We Did The Countdown
Awesome La.. 
Spray Here Spray There xD
What Made It More Fun Was The Company
All My Friends Were There =)

Gurtej Was Really Good In Planning Everything La
Very Responsible..
Good Job La Baai xD

And Traffic.. HAHAHA
We Managed To Escape Traffic
Since Every1 Was Heading To The Curve And OU
The Journey To Bangsar Was Like
Smooth Sailing


I Don't Have Any Pictures La =P
Didn't Bring My Camera Along

But Before I Sign Out =P
Happy New Year Again La =P =)
Be Optimistic =)


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