January 24, 2009

The 300th >=)

The Trip Back To Taiping Was Tiring
Supposedly , Like Previous Years , We Leave By 8
But This Year.. We Left At 10 =.=

It Usually Takes About 3 Hours To Get Taiping * Without Jam *
But We Arrived At My Grand Mom's Place At 3 =.=
So Yea.. 5 Hours In The Car .. Taking Pics Of The Protons >.>


I Even Had A Leg Cramp
Damn Annoying And Painful

I'm Blaming Those Idi*ts
Who Don't Know How To Drive For The Really Tiring And Boring Journey
Geez Man =.=

Senseless Traffic Jams =.=
It's A High Way Man o.o

People Who Use The Emergency Lane For Their Own Convenience Are Idi*ts =.=
Come On.. It's Also Because Of Them The Traffic Is Bad
Damn You Nutcases =.=
Kopi O License

Anyway.. Time To Be A Lil More Positive
Look At That
M C B =P Wuahaha
Sry =X xD

Is It Sleeping? =P

That's My Dad Resting After The Really Long Drive

A Very Bad And Sad Sunset Picture

LoL.. My Gmom's Cat =P

And That's My Sis =P
Scrapping The Coconut Thingy =P

That Thing She Is Sitting On..
Was Built By My Grandfather
I Don't Actually Know How Old It Is
But I Guess It's Older Then Me And My Sister

Maybe 20 Years?
My Gdad Is A Very Good Craftsman
Handyman =P

He Builts Cupboards , Chairs And Etc Etc
Too Bad That Gene Is Not Inherited By Me Or My Sisters xD

My Mom =P
It's Quite Fun Actually =P

& That's Me =P
I Was A Jakun La K =P
What To Do =P
City Kid =.=


P.s. Drive Carefully La K
Don't Be An Idi*t
You Don't Want To Spend Your New Years In The Hospital Or Something

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