October 25, 2007

Don't Stop Me Now

Woah -.- I Seriously Got Nothing To Blog About
' Yet ' ? * Hopefully*

Still Having My Exams =\
2 More Days To Go

Anyway =P

I Tried Learning Editing* . .
With Sherri's Pictures =\

Well .. It Practically Sucks La
Destroyed Her Pictures xD

The Original 1

The One I Edited =\ -.-
I Suck I Know - Still Learning =P

The 2nd Original One

The Edited Version * 1 *
Tried To Make It Look More Appealing o.o

The Edited Version * 2 * It Is Better If You Click On It..
Then You'll Be Able To See The Ripple Effect Clearly

The Edited Version * 3 *

I'm Still Learning =\
Slowly? Haha .. No Rush

Hmm.. Another Thing =P
Check Out That Website

His A World-Renowned Photographer
Plus Photojournalist Too =P

And Guess What =P
My Sister Knows Him =D

Damn Cool =D
He's Also Using A Canon 400D

Well.. Actually..
There's No Limiting Factors For Taking Good Pictures

Just Got To Be Creative And Progressive =)
But .. Sadly
I'm Still A Noob =\

My Pictures Are Getting Really Stale By The Day ..
SoOo.. Pardon Me

I'll Try To Improve o.o
I'll Keep Trying =)

That's All For Now o.o

Took Me.. Approximately 30 Minutes Just To Upload 6 Pictures
Something Is Wrong With Blogger Today o.o

Shenn o.o

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