October 15, 2007

Marga =P

Hannah And Maria * Twins * o.o Had An Open House
I Liked The Lemang xD Wuahahahahahaha =P
It's.. Nutty =P

Kar Yann With Her New Cam.. * Cough *

LUCKY o.o 18 - 180mm Lens T.T

* Cough * Show Off xD =P

Knee Cold =P

Hannah And Maria's Dad Is A Photographer =P
Drools.. He Has Like.. 20++ Camera's

Wee Wee xD

'The House Really Feels Elegant'
' Listen To The Music '
' It Even Says So'

Errr.. Lynette's Sister

I Kept Disturbing Nicole =P xD

Cookies ^^

It's Easy To Know Who Is Who..
Hannah Is Always In Contrast With Blue

And Maria Is With Pink * Cough *

Tsk Tsk Tsk =P

Gah.. See That Line Across Maria's Face =.=
Reflection o.o I Need A Hood

That's All For Now

Shenn o.o

P.S.. Hannah And Maria's Dad Is Damn Good In Photographer ^^ Salute =P

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