October 11, 2007

Potential Fire , Silent Wind

=P Gaaaahhh =P
The Laziness To Update xD

Anyway =P
Saw This Boy At My Auntie's Place

Cute Eih? =P

Just Because I Was Holding A Camera =P
He Tried To Imitate =P

* Focusing Out *

Cute Expression xD

The Offering

I'm Actually Not That Sure What It Is o.o

* Cousin Picking Up Stones * =P

His Also A Photographer =P
And Yea.. His Damn Lucky =P
His Now In Japan.. Will Be There For A Year Or So =P
Some Exchange Student Thingy xD
Same Place Where I'll Hopefully Be Going
Kyushu Japan xD =P

Monk =D

My Auntie =)


I Got Nothing To Say o.o

* Blank *

* Still Blank * =P

Actually.. I'm Just Lazy xD

Where's Everyone Pointing At o.o?

He Loves Fire =D

That's All For Now

Sorry Ya..

It's A Lame Post =.=
I Know

Shenn =\

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