October 16, 2007

Be Ahead With It

=) Seriously

I Was Bored o.o

Yea.. I Can't Seem To Study >.<

Anyway =O

Me And Paul Went To Lembah Kiara

Right.. Rules.. * Cough *

Lev #1

Lev #2

Lev #3 .. I Like This =P

Never Be A Paparazzi

Gosh o.o He Looks Horny xD

Paparazzi = Stupid People
Watch The Show Paparazzi =) It's Good

Theme = Dead Photographers

Where's The Blood?

He's Alive?

Lev #4 =P

Lev's First Time Shopping

Padini You Know.. Don't Play Play =P

Bluehk xD =P
Sorry Lydia .. For Calling You A Chicken =P
Haha.. You Did Walk Away From Me xD =P
Sorry =P Don't Merajuk LaAa

Shenn =P

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