October 11, 2007

I'm In Wonderland

I've Thought About It =\

And I Know Now Life Is Too Short

But I Am Just Going To Push It Aside

And Be Happy With What I've Got

I Won't Let My Fears Pull Me Away

Nor Let ItHaunt Me For The Rest Of My Life

Therefore I'll Always Try My Best To Capture All The Moments In My Life

And Enjoy It Even With The Most Simple Things In Life

I'll Try To Find Peace In Everything I Do

And Who Knows.. When No One Is Looking

I'll Just Take My Chance To Be Bad For Once =P

Ok The Bad Things>.> I'm Just Joking =P

I Promise I Won't :
1.Smoke(Scared I Burn My Pants)
2.Bully( My Body Size Too Small La)
3.Vandalize(I Chicken La)
4.Drugs( Soli.. Pokai Ler )
5.Gamble ( I Veli Selfish )
6.Alcohol ( Scared Bang Into Tree Or Walk Into Bar)
7.Playing Truant ( Too Weak Wanna Panjat A Wall )
8. Free Sex? ( I Like Old Tayar Wear Off Ledi)


Ok.. I'll Make A Promise To You Guys
If I Do Any Of These Stuff.. Yea.. Hate Me =) Ditch Me =) Leave Me =)
Just Do It.. Cause .. I Believe For Me..
It's Just Not Good Or Even Healthy =)
I'll Try My Best To Also Not Be A Hypocrite xD

That's All For Now =)

Shenn =P


Ng said...

huh who is in japan? which cousin is that? how come i don't know wan?
oh yeah, go to
its so cute!!!

Ng said...

ok you know what, that didn't got true, just type baby ally(whatever) in youtube