October 4, 2007

Don't You Ever Forget About Me =P

Suet Yen Just Celebrated Her Birthday Recently
And Seriously.. Her House Is Damn Nice =P * Drools*

Nicole Was There

Vivi Was There>.>

Maria Was There
* I'm Only Saying This Cause I Really Got Nothing Else To Say * xD

Gurtej Was There =P

Well.. They Played Twister =P
Yea.. Jafri's Source Of Entertainment xD

Vinod Practically Lost The First 3 Rounds
But Yea.. He Won After That.. Once I Think =P

Vinod's Over You =P

Vinod Whacked By.. I Think Its Surendran xD

** Maria: Hannah.. Can I Squeeze Yours ** xD

Spot The Difference #1


Vivian PMS xD

Aww.. Jafri.. So Cute =.= =P

I Know You Like It Su xD

Sanoj Was Happy =P

Don The IV.. Its Practically Damn Lame xD JkJk

Haih.. What La Nicole>.>

Damn .. Focusing Out
But Yea.. You Get The Point

Vinod And His Card Tricks

The Birthday Girl =)

Mom .. Dad .. Daughter =P

=P I Like These Pictures =P
Try And Find Out.. Why I Like It xD

Suet Yen..Eating From The Table

And Lastly.. Before Everyone Went Back
We Played The Drinking Water Card Game Thingy



With Water


Two Spoons Of Salt xD

Sorry Maria.. Next Time Wear High Heels xD =P JkJk

The End^^


Happy Birthday Suet Yen =)
May All Your Wishes Come True

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