August 12, 2007

Running Through Our Veins

'What's Your Problem?'

After Visiting The Butterfly Park And Tugu Negera
We Went For The Region 7 Leo Club Joint Installation

Lev Was The Photographer For The S.M.K. La Salle School
So All This Shots Are His

I Think That Was Like The 8th Time He Took A Picture Without Me Noticing
Pro Candid


'WOAH.. Slip'>.>

All The Way From Singapore

Choose Your Lasalian =)

As Usual..
There Were Performances =)

Hot? =P


Is That A Belt Or His Undies?

We Didn't Stay Long
Died Of Hunger..
So During Interval.. We Left For Mamak xD =P

Levine: Damn Detailed Wei =P

After The Install.. We Went To Sunwa Lagoon For Dinner

It's A Lala Paradise =D

Kenneth Reminiscing

From His Hand Expressions..
Can You Tell How Is He Feeling?

Sean Thinking About His Ipod=P

Although It Was A Buffet
I Didn't Eat Much
It Was Not Well Cook And It's Just Plain Dry>.<

Lights =)

Shenn And Levine ^^

Me And Lev Learned A Good Lesson

Sleeping Early The Day Before And Taking Breakfast Is A Need

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