August 17, 2007

A Bomb That Is A Boomerang

Diyana The Mafia Leader?

Aww.. Innocent Face

Looks Can Be Deceiving

I Find This Brand A bit Weird
Even The Brand Name Says So

My Class Is Filled With Posers =P
Seriously =P

One Of The Best Teachers We Have =)
Good Teachers Are Hard To Find Nowadays
We Appreciate Our Add Maths Teacher ^^

Gurtej And Surendran Take 1

Gurtej And Surendran Take Two
'Gurtej Trying To Catch A Sweet Sanoj Is Giving Him'

Gurtej And Surendran Take Three * Perfect *
I Love Their Expression La =P

Nadrah The Shy Girl

It's Like Two Different Worlds =P

Surendran Fell Half Way Playing Futsal
But He Managed To Score =P

I Don't Understand o.o
What Is He Trying To Show xD?

Look At The Amount Of Junk Food We Take Each Day

Another Female Photographer =)
Liyana =P


Shenn =)

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