August 26, 2007

I Shall Never Betray

The Canon Photo Marathon Competition
It Was Seriously Fun =)
Yet Also Tiring And Stressful

But Surprisingly............................


After It All..
I Conclude That
Paul Levine Is Seriously My Role Model =)
His Just Damn Brave La..

Our First Theme Was Malaysia Leads =P

Me And Paul Got Lost On Our Way To KLCC
Which Was A Serious Killer
We Thought We Couldn't Make It
But We Did.. We Took 1 Hour La

When We Reached KLCC
We Tried So Many Crazy Things
People Even Looked At Us Like We Were Weirdos
But Hey =) It Was Fun =D

When We Were Done..
It Was Around 11.11A.M.
We Thought We Could Make It Back In Time..
But Yet Again..
We Got Lost xD

In The End..
I Choose This Picture For The First Theme
I Used Levine's Camera

The Second Theme Was.. Lunch Break

The Funny Thing Was =P
When I Was Waiting For Levine =P
This Lady Asked Me
Lady :'Hey.. Do You Know What Is The Theme?'
Sean ' I Thought Its Lunch Break Now '
Lady: ' No.. The Theme Is Lunch Break
Sean : o.o? Holy

I'll Never Forget All These Generous People =D

Hehe.. And Now.. Meet My Model =P

She Is Seriously Photogenic=D

And She's Also Damn Cute =)

She Has A Lot Of Expressions Wei =)

In The End.. I Choose This Picture For The Lunch Break Theme


To Be Continued With The 3rd Theme

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