August 10, 2007

O.o? <-- Stupid

Your Models For Today
50% True La.. The Hot And The Cool .. Must Change =P

Ahmad Against An Istanbul Guy



Someone Is Going To Get Hurt

Awww >.> =P

1 Geek And Two Wannabes =P *Joking* xD

'You Rock I Stone' >.>

If I Make Fun Of Him..
Ppl Might Think I'm Racist =P

Su Once Said..
'You Girls Ar.. Like To Camwhore.. Not Good' =P
Now =PLook At Him xD

The Real Teacher Is Here =P
Vinod Helping K.y.

Finally.. A Chinese
I Mean.. Sorry.. Portuguese
512 =)

Candid =)


Sorry Ya Su, Vinod, Tej, Sanoj ,Jafri And Others
If Any Of My Comments Or Quotes Offended You All =P
Sorry.. If You Want Me To Change The Quotes
Tell Me ASAP ^^

P.s. I'm Not Racist

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