August 24, 2007

Lasting Impression * Jerrard's Day Out *

A Day Out With Jerrard , Han Liang And Sue Vern

Jerrard Is Also Really Into Photography
And I Have To Say =)

He Is A Fast Learner =D
And I Love His Shots =D

* Shots With Him Inside * Taken By Me *
* Shots With Me Inside * Taken By Jerrard *
* Shots Without Any Of Us Inside * Neither *

Sue Vern * Disgusted 1

Sue Vern * Disgusted 2 =P

Potential Cheerleader? xD

I Know.. Childish HuH

Sue Vern Emo.. I Wonder Why =P

I'm Not Going To Make Fun Of Them =P

Yea.. I Did That.. I Broke It xD

I Look Thin But I'm Heavy xD

Emo Again? =P Hmmm

Thinking Of Who La o.o?

Han Liang Is Suppose To Be Inside That Blue Thing

xD Maybe? =P 1

Maybe? =P 2

Jerrard's Shots

Standing Tall =D

I Love The Expression =)

This Photo Rocks xD
My Face Is Cropped.. xD

After We Walked Sue Vern To Samantha's House..
We Went To Another Park..

Han Liang's Turn To Emo? MAYBE? xP 3 xP

Yum =) BBQ

Haha.. Modeling For Jerrard

Modeling For Jerrard Again =P

We Were Making A Stop Motion Animation =P


Jerrard And Shenn =)

Hoooray.. Got Another Photography Buddy
At Least.. Next Time When I Can Drive
There's Someone To Follow Me xD

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