August 24, 2007

Just To Throw It Away

Went For A Walk At Lembah Kiara
I'm Currently Borrowing Sanoj's 20 GB..
Sry.. 2 GB xD =P Memory Card For The Competition

Love What They Did To The Park =)

I Accidentally? Made This Guy Spill The Water =P
He Noticed Me Taking A Picture Of Him
So He Smiled And Walked Away
I Wasn't Sure If It Was My Fault Or The Ground xD

=P You Should See Her Flickr ** =) PRO

I Adore Fathers Like That =)
Take Their Child 4 Evening Walks After Work =)

At Night
Me And Levine Went For The Digi Jazz Festival
*Pictures From My Camera*

I'm Not Sure Who This Boy Is Bu He Absolutely Can Rap

Levine's Camera =P
Digi Ppl =D

I Love His Shots =D * Levine *

And Sheila Majid Is Seriously Photogenic =P


Levine And Shenn =P

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