December 26, 2007

You Must Be Freaked Out

Hope That Picture Got Your Attention =P

I'm Going To Try To Change My Style Of Blogging

And NoOoOo.. I Won't Be Posting Up Pictures Of Myself The Next Time
This Is Just For Fun =P

Once In A While Yea xD?

I Pose For My Photography Buddies Cause In Order To Help Myself
I Have To Help Them First =)

They're Always Willing And Kind To Pose For Me.. =P Soooooo =P

Thank You Guys And Gals^^

And I Know

You Might Think I've Gone Crazy Or Something

Well.. Yea.. It's True


But.. I'm Just Trying To Save My Blog From Being Really Boring =P


Please Tell Me What I Can Do To Make It Better xD

Shenn =P

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