December 29, 2007

Numbness For Truth

The Chap 4

Recently Know As The ' 5 Minute Walk '
Now.. They Are Called The Chap 4..

Ok.. Some Of You Must Be Wondering Who Are The Chap 4
And What Does Chap Mean..

The Chap 4.. Well..
1.They Come From Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
2.Multi Racial ^^ * ROCK ON *
3. Friendly Group Of Guys
4. Their Just About To Enter College Life * 2008*

Chap On The Other Hand..
It Is Like A Word Enhancer..
Is That Correct o.o?

Like.. Damn Crazy Thick Wei This Coffee..
Change The Crazy..
Damn Kao Chap Thick Wei This Coffee..

So Yea.. There You Have It.. The Chap 4 xD =P

That's Melvin The Vocalist =)
They Guy Who Brought Me In..

Suresh =)
17 Next Year And His Already Entering College

Hmm.. The Sad Part Was..
When Melvin Sang..
The Microphone Was Too Soft..
Or Maybe .. o.o

Never mind .. o.o
I Wasn't Quite Sure Actually
Cause I Stood Right In Front Of The Stage..
But I Know.. They Gave One Heck Of A Performance
No Lies =)

Imran With The Drums
His A Fast Learner..

And Last But Not Least..
If I'm Not Mistaken..
He Learns How To Play The Guitar By Himself =)

Don't Do Drugs Ya Guys =D
=.= I Don't Want To See You Guys..
Like.. Stop Performing Together

You Guys Rock Anyway As A Band =D


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