December 16, 2007

When You Tell Me

1st Day

Japan Is Seriously Beautiful =D
When I Mean Beautiful

I Mean.. WOW
Kyushu Japan Rocks =D

The Weather Was Awesome
And The Food Was Something New To Me =)

So It Was Cool ~~


oOo =P
They Ride Bicycles Even In The City=D
No Matter Where..Or What Time It Is
Day Or Night..
They Save Money On Petrol
And It's Healthy =)

That's Triston.. He Is Freaking Nice =D

Mr. Freddy ( Tour Guide )

Turns Out To Be I'm Not The Only 16 Year Old Kid There =P
But I'm Still The Youngest La
Carl Is Representing Singapore =)

Gary.. WoOo.. He Is Seriously..
Good With Cameras..
One Of The Most Helpful In The Group
He Taught Me DAMN Alot On Photography o.o

Harry My Man..
My Partner In Crime =D
He Is Also Damn Helpful =)
And Protective
He Rocks Wei
He Even Taught Me Self Defence =D

We Took A Short Stop
Gah.. No Offence
But One Thing I Didn't Like Was
Everything In Japan Was Expensive o.o
100 Yen For A Bottle Of Mineral Water
Seems Ok.. But If You Convert
RM3 =\

Our Bus Driver =D
Very Very Very Hardworking
And Very Very Very Nice
Hah.. I Envy Him
If I Were To Compare Him And A Malaysian Bus Driver
Fuiyo.. No Comment Man =P

Kae.. PRO Female Photographer
She Is SUPER Friendly =D

Bus Shot *Taken From Inside The Bus * =\

Bus Shot =.=

Beep o.o

Breakfast?? Or Was It Lunch o.o
Their Wasabi Owns Man
What You Taste In Those Restaurants You See In Shopping Malls Or What Nuts..
That Is Nothing..

This 1 KILLS You On The Spot .. Freaking Good

Random Shot o.o

After Breakfast/Lunch o.o
We Went To A Shrine Located Right Beside The Restaurant

Ninja o.o

Anyway.. There Are Other Shots
That I Took
But I'm Not Going To Post It Up Yet
For Me.. The Shots That I Post Up Now
Are Seriously Poor Shots o.o

I Like The Yellow =)

o.o If I Could Just Understand What It Says

That Is Son
From Vietnam..
Very Friendly Also =)
Although We Can't Really Communicate Verbally With Each Other
But We Understand Each Other Through Hand Signals*More Like Hand Movements*o.o

Tao.. Representing Thailand =)
A Cheerful Guy =)

Errr.. Shadows =D

Next Stop..
Ok .. Honestly..
I Forgotten The Names Of All The Places I've Went To..
Not All La.. But Most Of Them xD

Floor o.o

It Was A Temple Actually

Buddhist Temple
But It's Not Like The Ones We See Here In Malaysia

George From The Philippines
Very Modest Guy=)

Gia Lai * Interpreter From Vietnam*

Sing Yee ..
A Canon Rep =)

Random Shot Again =\

After The Stop At The Temple
We Went To This Really Really Big Waterfall?
Is Big Correct ? o.o

Going There Makes Me Feel Like..

I Need A Wide Angle Lens =\ =P
Hint Hint

Mist xD

Ahhh.. It Was Freaking Cold That Time
And My Nose..

Could Finish A Whole Box xD


Suhairy xD

Me xD

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