December 20, 2007

Bring On The Rain

I Didn't Really Have The Time To Update My Blog =\
I'm So Sorry..

Really Really Sorry

2nd Day
On The 2nd Day.. Me And Suhairy Woke Up Late =P
Yea.. Our Alarm Didn't Go Off o.o

We Were Suppose To Be Up By 6 ..
But .. Sadly.. We Woke Up At 7


Kyushu In The Morning

Eventhough I Wore Some Wind Breaker Thingy
With Two Layers Of Shirts Inside..

And You Know What's The Funny Part =P
While Me And Suhairy Was Outside Taking Pictures

A School Girl
Wearing A Skirt..
Cycling Down The Street
Passed Us.. She Wasn't Shivering At All..
WOW.. They Must Be Seriously Hot =P
Well They Are =P Undeniable

But Anyway o.o
The Point Is..
We Missed The Sun Rise o.o

And It Was Hard For Me At That Time
Cause You Know..
The Feeling When You Get When You Wake Up In The Morning
Feeling Drowzy And All o.o

* Woof Woof * =P
Quite Random Eih =P Heh

I Was So Disappointed Actually =\
Can't Believe Something Like That Could Happen o.o

Anyway.. After Breakfast..
By 9 O'clock
We Left The Hotel

I Like This..
That Hill Is Actually Blocked By The Clouds

Lalang ?
I Thought It Was Padi o.o


Colours Of Nature =)

Another Thing
Kyushu Japan Is..
Really Clean =)

Duck Land o.o

And Swan Also .. LoL

Gary VS Swan .. Who Will Prevail o.o?

It's So Beautiful
My First Time Seeing 1 Actually

After That Swan Land Thingy ..
We Went To .. Somewhere =P

Push Me =D

Over exposed =\

No Comment o.o

Nan Taking A Picture..
Gialai Standing
Joel, Alex And Sing Yee Looking Into The Cam


I Had Fun With This Picture =P

After That Somewhere..
We Went To Some Monkey Place


The Day Actually Passed By Quite Fast
Tao Jumping*

These Shots Were Taken During The Sunset Period
Nan =P LoL .. Adorable

And That's Suhairy
Doing His Thing =D

Anyway.. This Was The Room We Slept In For The 2nd Day
And Lu Wen..
If You Could See ..
At The Back There =P


Shenn =P

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