December 29, 2007

But It's Better If You Do =)

It Has Been 2 Years
Since Our First Performance On Stage

Yea.. Tim, Hadi , Me And
Haikal * Borrowed Drummer *

We Performed For Our Interact Club's IU Day..
Ary's Band Performed Too..

For Two Years He Has Performed For Our IU..
And It's No Doubt That They Are Good

Ok.. It's Not Actually Ary's Band
I Don't Really Know The Band's Name....
Sorry xD =P

Anyway.. Their Band Performed For Prom Also
And Yet Again It Was Good..
Especially Their Self Composed Song.. Sepi =)

Chem Their Vocalist =P
Envy His Singing Talent XD

Ok.. I'm Also Sorry For ..
Not Taking Pictures Of Their Drummer xD =P
Sorry Haikal xD =P


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