April 24, 2009

Two Deaths Today

Today Was .. Terrible La
Mrs Ong Made Me Feel So Guilty During Bio Class..
Like I Screwed Up My Whole Bio Paper.. 
I Was So Paranoid And Emo..
Daniel Noticed...

In The End.. When I Checked
It Was 3 Mistakes
I Accidentally Mixed Up Granum With Granules =.= Silly Mistake

And My Genetic Engineering Question
Which I Really Didn't Know How To Do
Another 4 Marks

So Altogether 6 Marks..

The Last Question Was The Difference Between Mitosis For Plant Cell And Animal Cell
My Answer Was The Presence Of Centrioles.. Bla Bla Bla
She Was Contemplating Whether To Accept The Answer 

So Maybe Altogether It Would Be 8 Marks..
But She Made Me So Guilty Like I Screwed The Whole Paper =(
Gah.. =(

Emo Emo Emo Day

Nature Shot
Pretty Bad At It xD


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