April 30, 2009

Catch A Cow Farm A Fish

Picture From Singapore Last Year =P
Was Browsing Through My Hard Drive =P
Was Suppose To Spring Clean My Hard Drive

But In The End
I Got Carried Away =P

Haha.. My Dad And My Mom =P
My Dad Is Doing That Hand Pose Thingy Because Last Time
When I Was A Kid
I Kept Doing That Everytime Some1 Wanted To Take A Picture Of Me xD

But Now I Don't La =P
But It's So Funny To See My Dad Do That =P

I Like The Pic =)
Because It's Only My Dad And My Mom =)

oOo.. This 1 Is My Sister's Neighbour's Dog In J.B.
Quite Pityful
The Dog is Actually Left Outside Most Of The Time
Rain Or Shine =(
* ABOLISH xD Animal Cruelty *

This Is Another Picture Taken In Singapore * Sentosa Island * =P
If You Look Closely , My Family Had Squinched Eyes =P Except My Dad La xD 
It's Due To The Strong Breeze xD
Funny =P

Picture Taken At Paul's Place Last Year
It Keeps Reminding Me Of The Song One Last Breath

And I Like This Picture Because That Chicken Or Something
Looks Like It's Screaming AHHHHHHHH!!!!
I'm Random I Know >.> =P

The Random Shenn

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