April 5, 2009

Soft Cookie Snail Shell

Pics From The Hari Anugerah That Day..
Hm.. I'm Not Going To Say Much

Well.. Basically
The Hari Anugerah Was ..
Ok La

We Did .. Cabut Half Way To A Mamak ( Devi's Corner ) 
Just To Kill Time .. Hehe

Well.. I Miss My School Friends =(
Welll.. That's All For Now 

Reshvin xD

Nicole =P

Farhana =P

LoL.. Junior.. Kristine Phang xD
Recieving Her Trophy For Her Excellent PMR Results xD

Nicole Yet Again =P

Vinod The Smart Bump =P

The Guys xD

Diyanaaaaa =P

The Guys + Jafri xD

And Sanoj =P

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