April 5, 2009


Random =P Pics Of G2 Students
G2 HooH!! xD

Anyway , I Just Came Back From Sepang

First Time.. Ever In My Life.. Well.. Of My Whole Life Watching F1 La ( 10 ++ Years Or So )
The Race Actually Did Not Complete..

It Stopped Half Way .. WHAT THE HECK =(
It Practically Was A Waste Of Time La
Wasn't Worth The Time Taken For The Journey To Reach Sepang And To Get Back Home

If The Race Would Have Completed..
It Would Have Been Better

The Sound Of The F1 Cars Were Exhilarating
VroOoOoM =P

Sadly , Ferrari Didn't Win =P
Buhuu.. Damn..

But I Think.. Having The Race In The Evening Is Totally Stupid
I Don't Think They Took Into Consideration The Weather =.=

Besides That.. The Parking System And The Traffic Was Practically Shit..
I'm Not Going To Censor The Word This Time..
Seriously.. It Was Total Bull Shit..

Such Disgrace Man..
Unnecessary Traffic Jams And A Totally Lousy Parking Lot..
Just Imagine .. The Ticket Was Actually 1K
And The Parking Is Like SHIT.. What Service =.=
( Parked At A2, The Muddy Crappy Lame Ugly Smelly Parking Lot ) .. 
Come On Man..

I Was A Bit Stressed Out Cause Of It..
Don't Know Why.. 
But I Took It Really Seriously=.=

I Was Practically Swearing The Whole Time When I Was At The Parking Lot =.=
Well.. That's All For Now


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