April 3, 2009

Darkened Mask With Clear Voices

Lol , My Blog Is Practically On Its Way To Its Death Sentence Already La xD
I'm So Sorry For The Lack Of Updates xD

Hehe..Anyway.. These Are Pics From Last Week's Outing
It Was Suppose To Be A Farewell Party For Kellyn =P

But In The End ,  She Actually Stayed Back In Taylors To Continue The SAM Programme xD
( Long Story Made Short .. She Had An Offer To Do Her SAM In The Olympia College But She Rejected The Offer With The Help Of Her Boyfriend =P )

So , As You Can See From The First Picture =P 
We Went To  'The Wind Mill ' In Subang
So So Only Lor .. But My Chicken Was Fresh  =P
Ok..Wait That Sounded Wrong..

Err.. The Chicken Chop I Ordered Was Pretty Fresh =P
It Was Soft And The Texture Was Nice La=P LoL
Bla Bla Bla Bla

And This Is Kellyn =P

LoL.. Candid Shots

Christy And Jocelyn =P

Li Ji And Shu Jun =P

LoL..  As Always , We Were The Noisiest =P
But Who Cares La =P We Are Paying Customers
It Was A Night To Relax And Unwind =P

After The Dinner Thingy , We Went To Summit
At First , We Planned To Go Bowling
But We Got Bored Of Waiting And We Ended Up At The Arcade Instead =P

For A Bunch Of 18 And 19 Years Old Students,
We Are Still Considered Childish =P

Guan Tat =P


Hikari xD

Vino Dipping His Finger Into A Cup Of Water After Burning His Hand With The Candle xD

Kellyn =P

Shu Jun As Usual =P
Being Herself =P

Hehe , Hyper And Random =P

Heavy No =P

Vino xD

LoL ?

The Girls xD
Full Stop.. XD 
Joking.. And The Guy xD

Vino And Christy xD

Muka Constipated xD

Well, That's All For Now xD
Peace Out xD


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