May 15, 2009

Sasur Mename

Only 3 Pics From Nicole's Party
My External Flash Had Problems

Well .. It Wasn't Spoiled
But 1 Of The Battery Died

Cause Of That , I Didn't Really Have The Mood To Take Pics =(
Sry =P Sorry Nic

LoL But Nic..
Hope You'll Think Of Jafri And Me
When You Go MPH xD

You Better Think Of Us >.> =P 
Joking xD * In A Way *

Happy Belated Birthday Nicole =P
You Are 18 Already =)
Next Thing You Know
You'll Be 50
Facing Mid Life Crisis
Joking xD

Enjoy Life K? =)
Smileee =D


Candid Shot Of Jafri With Nicole Sneaking Up From the Back


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