May 22, 2009


Streetlight Star

Exams Are Over =D
Huurrraaayy * Slaps Ownself *

Well.. I'm Not Confident For Physics , ESL And Maths
Gone Gone Sleep Sleep =( xD


But Anywhoooo
I'm Just Going To Try Harder Next Time =9 =(

Here Are Some Pics That I Took The Other Day When I Got Locked Out Of My House xD
* I Was Out With Saachi On Saturday To Help Him With His Project =P
Kinda Cool ..

Then When I Got Home
My Parents Were Out Already
I'd Usually Bring The Keys

But Just So Happen For That Day I Left Them In My College Bag >.>
Nice =.=

Boredooom.. As Usual

So .. I Got Two Weeks Of Holiday Ahead Of Me Now
I Feel Like Going Jb =)

Just For The Fun Of It
I'll Prolly Stay In My Sister's Place xD
And Be The Parasite Brother =P

Who Knows xD
I Might Even See ..............
Haha..The PDC Girl =P xD Bahaha

Joking xD

And And.. 
oOo.. Kris Won >.>

Well.. I Wished Adam Lambert Won.. Blah
Well.. Let Bygones Be Bygones
Don't Want To Be A Bitter Gourd At The Moment =.= 

But Still.. Adam Has A Damn Good Voice xD

My Parents Just Got Back =P

Well.. That's All For Now =P

Sleep Sleep.. Sleep Without Guilt


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