May 27, 2009

Tragedy Is A Parody

I Like This Picture

No Major Editing
No Extra Blurring Effect
Straight From The Cam With Increase In Saturation  And Contrast

Lol , Anyway =P

Today I Went To OU Twice
The First Time , I Went Alone
Second Time , I Went With Nicole =P

Generally ,  I Need Help In Picking Clothes xD
I'm Really Fickle Minded
When I Look At A Shirt , I'll Go , Yea It's Nice
But, Hmmm * Thinks For A Really Long Time * =.=

It Was Kinda Enjoyable To Shop With Nicole
She Isn't The Fussy Type Of Girl When It Comes To Shopping
So It Is Actually Really Easy To Shop With Her xD

But In The End , We Didn't Buy Anything
Cause We Ran Out Of Time

We Went To OU Only At 8.30 -.-
Had An Hour Thirty Minutes To Shop =P

Wasn't Enough =P Knowing How Much We Played A Fool xD 
Or Maybe It Was Just Me Who Played A Fool xD

Anyway =P
Will Be Going Again Tmrw =P
Hope My Day Will Be Productive Tmrw =(
Well , That's All For Now =P

Shenn xD

1 comment:

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