May 15, 2009

The Confusing Straight Forward Answer

The Acne Problem ' Darth Maul '

LoL.. Star Wars
Reminds Me Of Physics , When Mr. Yong ( Physics Teacher )
Was Trying To Teach Us A Way To Convert Joules To eV ( Electron Volt )

He Suggested Of The Abbreviation JED1 ( Jedi ) 
Which Stands For
Joules per Electron Divide by 1.6x10^-19
Which I Thought Was Kinda Cool La xD 

At First.. He Said It Would Sound Corny
But Most Of Us Found It Funny Instead Of Corny

But Shu Jun On The Other Hand =P
Misheard Corny With Horny xD

She Was Wondering Why Mr. Yong Said It Would Sound Horny
xD Silly =P Yet Adorable
LoL .. Shu Jun Shu Jun =P

Innocent But Not So Innocent xD
Paradoxical Situation

Anyway.. I Miss Playing Star Wars..
The Force Unleashed

The Game Daniel Got Me Addicted Too
But Semester 1 Exams Are Next Week Already


That's All For Now =(=


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