November 29, 2008

Yet Another Year =)

Happy Birthday Vinod
It Was Another Good Night La
Hanging Out With You All ( Vinod , Surendran , Gurtej , Kavin , Reshvin , James And Viknesh )
 Was Great

I'll Just Post A Few Pics First
I'll Continue With The Rest Maybe Later Today xD

It's Like 2.36 Now xD
I'm Still Not Sleeppppppyyyy

Well.. I Can't Wait To Go Genting
To Chilll Ouuuuuttt .. WoOoo

Reshvin Shuffling The Cards

Big Mafia? No la Small Boy =P

Camwhoring Moments

LoL.. Missing In Action
Jafri , Tim And Sanoj .. LoL

I Like This Pic =P

Lala-Fied =P

To Be Continued =P


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