November 30, 2008


Picture From Japan

Here's A Story About What Happened To Me In Japan That I Didn't Tell You Guys =P
Well.. It Was Dinner Time Already And Me And Suhairy Was Late

So .. In A Rushing Manner
We Wore Our Yukata( Japanese Traditional Apparel)
** A Yukata Is Like A Kimono **

Supposedly.. When You Wear The Yukata
Your Not Suppose To Wear Anything Else Inside =P
Including Girls =P

So Yea.. At That Time.. I Wore A T-Shirt And 3 Quarter Pants Together With The Yukata
I Admit I Broke The Rules xD
Cause Well.. I Wouldn't Want To Eat With My *Ukhm* Dangling There xD
Quite Uncomfortable When I Did It The First Day

The Yukata That Time Was Different
It Consisted Of Two Parts
The Top Part( To Cover The Body )
And The  Pants
* Maybe It Was A Samue , But I Remember The Tour Guide Telling Us It Was A Yukata * 

The Pants.. You Have To Tie It With A String To Prevent It From Falling
Can't Remeber Whats The Name Of The String
But It's The 1 They Use Like When You Go For Taekwando..
To Tie Around Your Waist

So Yea.. When Me And Suhairy Arrived At The Dinner Room
We Just Stood There

Dinnner Wasn't Ready Yet La.. Lucky..
So Mingled Around A Lil Bit More

Then Suddenly
A Waitress Came In
Put The Food Down And Walked Out

I Was Like.. Cool.. Ok La.. Can Eat Edi
Suddenly.. When I Turned Around

I Noticed That Everyone Was  Looking At Me
* Moment Of Silence *
So I Was Like .. Wtf? o.o

Then Everyone Started Laughing
Apparently.. My Pants*The Yukata* Fell
I Didn't Tie The String Tightly Enough Around My Pants 
So My Pants Fell
Infront Of 15 Ppl ( 14 Photographers And 1 Tour Guide)

Haiyoo.. It's Quite Embarassing
FUIYO.. I Tell You.. If I Didn't Wear 3 Quarter Pants That Day=.=
And To Be In A Room Filled With 14 Profressional Photographers

 Every Single Thing
Snap Snap Snap..
I Tell You.. I Would Be .. SoOo.. = .= xD

I'll Find The Pic Of Me With My Fallen Yukata Pants Soon
If The Others Still Have It =P

Here's A Tip Guys
Just Listen To Your Conscience At Times
Even Though You Know It's Wrong But Yea
xD It Can Seriously Save You xD

Well .. It Did For Me



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