November 28, 2008

Almonds Are Bigger Then Nuts o.o?

One Shot Down? xP Haha
Notice Sanoj's Ear?
He Just Pierced

It Was A Good Night After The EST Paper
Just To Hang Out With My Friends And All
Priceless Moments Man

Damn La.. I'm Scared
It's Like How My Seniors Tell Me 

'You Better Enjoy Your Secondary School Life
Cause You're Going To Miss It So Badly When You Go To College '

Well.. I Guess I'll Truly Miss My Friends La..
School Wouldn't Have Been Great Without Them

Firstly Jafri.. For Always Cracking Up Lame Jokes
.. Lame Mexican Jokes =.=
'What's A Mexican's Favourite Superhero?'
'Juanderwomen' =.= Geez

Sanoj For His
Strong Principles And
'Acheee Cheee Chee'

Vinod For His
Smartness.. Yes..The Guy Who Never Studies And Yet Still Manages To Get Straight A's
Also.. For The Way He Calls Himself .. Don IV ( Terballikan Vinod)

Surendran For His
Way To Critic People xD

Gurtej For His
Habit Of Playing With His Hair =P
And His Guitar Skills

Kavin For His 
Way To Annoy People xD

Tim For His
Chinamaness xD
And Clumsy-ness =P

Reshvin For His
Million Interesting Stories xD

And So On La k =P

Oh Yea.. And Nicole
For Her Perkyness ( At Times ) xD


Well.. After The EST Paper
All Of Us Hanged Out At One Utama

Typical? I Guess
But Naaaah
(And NoOo.. We Didn't Watch Twilight >.> =P )

At 8 We Went To Gurtej's House
The Dad Was Really Nice

Belanja Us All
Let Us Drink All xD

Well.. In Return
We Don't Go Home Sober La

xD But We Played A Few Card Games
And We Talked A LOT

A Good Talk xD
Loads Of Information Spill

But Too Bad I Couldn't Stay With Them Till The End
Had To Go Back Early*1 A.M.* (Well ,  Earlier Then Most Of Them )

But Nevermind
It's A Day I'll Never Forget La xD

The Companion Of The Night

Both Of Them Just Pierced

Reshvin's Quote
I Look Fine But I Guess You Truly Don't Know What's Really  Going On In My Head

Reshvin Is Holding My My Remote =P

And Us 
( From The Right: Me With My Remote, Vinod With His Knife , Sanoj With His Finger , Reshvin With Sanoj On Him xD And Surendran )

Well.. Vinod Is Throwing A Small Party Later
Can't Wait For It xD

That's All For Now =P


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