November 2, 2008

Wilted Hopes And Navesou-p

To Me , Canon Photo Marathon 2008 Was Fun
Fun In A Sense That It Was Really Challenging
It Was Tough To Even Just Interpret The Theme

But I Guess I Have To Say
This Year's System Is Quite Bad

Not Only That The Details Of Competition Were Incomplete
* Copied And Paste Details Of Last Year's Competition Rules , Regulations And Etc *

I Pitied Those Participants Who Had To Travel By Foot
( From Times Square To The Pavilion To KLCC)

This Year.. My Dad Took Me Around
And I Have To Say I Was Lucky
Driving Around KL Can Be A Killer
Aggressive Road Hogs Everywhere =.=

My Dad Who Knows  The Road Around KL Fairly Well
Gave Me The Time Advantage

Hehe.. Even For The Third Theme
It Was Possible For My Dad
To Drive  Me Back All The Way To TTDI 
To Take Pictures Of TJ..

Gah.. Anyway  
The First Theme Was
'Indulge Metropolitan'

A Real Tough 1
For Now , I Can't Seem To Find The Picture I Submitted
-.- AHHH
I'll Find A Similar Picture As Soon As I Get Bored Again

The Second Theme Was ..
'Mess In Rules'
I Had Damn A Lot Of Fun For This Theme

Dad Took Me To Pudu
I Feel Like Going Back There Again Next Time =P

This Shot Was Taken At The Train Station At Masjid Jamek

For The Third Theme
'Goes Green'
I Didn't Really Do Much
Like I Said
Dad Drove Me Back All The Way To TTDI
* I Will Upload A Few More Pictures Next Time *

In The End
I Submitted These Pictures

Mess In Rules

Goes Green

The Event Ended Late
Beyond As Planned

I Guess .. Majority Came Back 

I Was Disappointed Too But With Only 1 Of The Judges Decision
The Best Of Theme For 'Mess In Rules' * DSLR Category *

Didn't See How The Winner's Picture Related To The Theme
I Still Remember What The Judge Said To Us When He Was Asked To Comment On Our Pictures

* You Must Shoot Within The Perimeter *

Well.. Photography Is Subjective
But.. Hey
Congratulations To The Winners =)

That's All For Now
Toodles 1 And 0


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