October 20, 2008

What A Goon =P

Very Very Old Picture.. Well.. Not THAT Old La

* No Relation To The Picture Above xD *

Hehe..Ok.. To Conclude Everything
The Kuala Lumpur Photography Fest Could Be Better
If I Had The $$

I Have Everything I Need Already  .. 
It's  Just For The Moment  La * =P
I Want A 5D Mark II =X

I Went To The Fest With RM50
Came Back Home With RM8

What Did I Buy?
A Ticket From Taman Bahagia To Sentral , To And Fro
A Ticket To Imbi  , To And Fro
A Flash Diffuser For RM 30 And A Battery Case For RM3

Why Am I Telling You This? Well .. I Guess I'm Bored..
And I'm Still  Trying To Accept  The Fact That I'm A Spoiled Son xD

I Went To The Fest With Foo Kong
A Family Friend

And Travelling With Him Can Be Quite Funny
Especially When He Throws A Tantrum At Someone

*At The 7-Eleven Purchasing A Bottle Of Mineral Water*
Price Tag Says RM1.50.. Actual Price RM 1.80
Wei.. Naik Harga Tukarlah Price Tag
*Shows An Angry Face*
Sengaja Nak Tipu Orang Ke?

That Wasn't The Only Incident La
Something Happened At The LRT Station Too
I Couldn't Hear It
But It Ended Up With Him
Getting Angry Again xD

Anyway.. My Trip To KLPF With Him Made Me Realise

Majority Of The Camera Items I Have Are Paid By My Mom

All In Together .. I Believe My Mom Has Spent More On Me Than My Two Sisters Combined
I Feel Bad>.>

Plus, Unlike My Sisters
My Head Is As Empty As The Tin Cans You Find By The Road Side

Sorry Mee..

I Have To Say
I Love My Mom =)
& I Promise I'll Try My Best In Everything I Do>.<



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missnissa said...

aww.i love your mom too! XD heh.shenn shenn, yr camera items are more expensive than sher lynn and ee lynn's combined?!