October 1, 2008

500 Miles =D

Well.. Boys Will Be Boys
When I Was Young
I Use To Collect Hotwheels Toy Cars
And I Would Just Do Almost Everything With It

When I Mean Everything

But That Was Back Then>.>
When I Was Std 6..Almost Form 1
I Decided To Just Give All My Toy Cars Away =(

I Felt Sad Though
Have You Ever Had That Thought
That Your Toys Have Feelings Too?

Like.. You Got A Soft Toy And You Wouldn't Want It By Any Chance To
Fall Off The Bed, 
Be Squashed
Or Even Slept On =.=

Yea.. At Times I Think It's Silly
And At Times .. I Just Think I'm Weird

But I Guess , Well .. Maybe It Makes Us More Responsible With Our Items
We Learn How To Take Care Of Our Own Stuff
And Be More Appreciative

Well =\Sadly I Won't Be Able To Take A Bath With My Camera
It's Not Waterproof xD =P

Haha =P

That's All For Now ^^

Peace Out =P


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