October 12, 2008

Stupidity Is Stupid

Yes Yes..
I Am Very Bored

I Just Found Out
That The Photoshop Program In The Computer Upstairs Is Dead T.T
Damn Comp =.=
Damn Virus>.>

Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid

Sigh.. I Guess I'm Going To Have To Make Use Of Picasa For The Moment
Not Much Of My Thing Though
Can't Really Get The Settings Want

But I Find Making A Collage Pretty Fun
4 Pictures Up There.. All Taken Today =.=
I Was At A 'Random Trying To Kill My Boredom Spree'

Didn't Work Though
Still Bored=.=

Anyway.. As You Can See 
The Third Picture From The Left
Toilet Bowl..  Yes.. Legs.. Yes .. Me.. Maybe?
A 'WTH Picture'

I Love My Toilet At Home
It Is Always Clean & Comfortable To Use
Unlike Public Toilets..MALAYSIAN Public Toilets

Gosh =.=
Can't People Freaking Aim?
No Offence.. But CERTAIN Malaysians Have Bad Toilet Habits

**I Have A Bad Habit Of Drinking A Lot Of Water At Night
And When All Is Not Secreted The Next Morning Before School

Facing The Fact That I Have A Small Urinary Bladder Sucks=.=
I Dread Going In To The School Toilet.. 
It Stinks And It Is Dirty

Most Of The Time People Would Just Piss On The Floor Or Even Shit On The Walls
You *Guys* Suck You Know That =.=

AIM.. For God's Sake
How Hard Can It Be?
You Got A Host Which Is Easy To Pilot You Know=X


Haih.. For Now
All I Can Say Is
Japan Public Toilets Rule

We Need To Change This Bad Stupid Habit Of Ours
And Put An End To Dirty Disgusting Toilets


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