October 12, 2008

It Was , It Isn't

My Computer Upstairs Is Being Such A Bad Ass...
I'm Currently Using My Sister's Laptop

Sadly , There's No Adobe Photoshop In Her Laptop
CRAP =.=

SoOo CraAaAaPy
It Takes Me Approximately 10  Minutes Plus 
 To Edit Just A Picture With The Computer Upstairs

Not Only That..
To Undo Any Mistakes
It Takes Another 30 Seconds Or So For The Computer To Process It=.=

I'm Fed Up With The Comp Upstairs..

I Wish I Could Install 'Photoshop' In My Sister's Laptop
But I'm Scared It Would Only Slow Down Her Laptop

Any Photographers Joining Canon Photo Marathon This Year?

=) I Can't Wait For It
The Thrill And Suspense
So Exhilarating

It's Fun =D
That's All For Now

That Is Not Me..
It's Just A Guy Who Looks Like Me
His My Brother =P 
Right Sherri xD =P 
His From Singapore 
Remember ??=P xD


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