June 8, 2008

Just Paint Red

Is He Showing What I Think He Is xD? =P

My Family And I Attended My Cousin's Wedding In Melaka

I Was Suppose To Be Up By 5 a.m.
And.. You Know.. Leave By 6

But I Woke Up At 5.53 a.m.
Great Huh =D

You Know .. That Certain Feeling When Someone Wakes You Up
You'll Be Like.. Aiyo.. Give Me 5 Minutes.. For A While Only
In The End.. Yea.. Longer Then You Expected =.=

The Wedding Was Good
The 9 Dishes Were Great

Haha.. Too Bad.. No Sharks Fin
Tsk Tsk Tsk

I'm Against The Killing Of Sharks For Sharks Fin>.>

My Cousin On The Left And The Brides Groom

Be Careful =P

Shenn =)

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